How do I set up UltraXTend

  1. Turn on the UltraXTend device by plugging it into a power outlet next to your router.
  2. Set up the device via a web browser. Connect your laptop or smartphone to the network: PIX-LINK-2.4G. The password is 12345678
  3. Enter on your web browser and enter the password: admin to log in
  4. After logged in, click on repeater mode then the system will automatically scan the surrounding wireless networks
  5. Select the SSID of the master router and enter the password of your master router as the security key
  6. After entering the password, the LED light on UltraXTend should turn on without blinking, which indicates a successful connection to your router.

For more information and other connecting methods, please refer to the installation manual that comes with the product.

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